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Strange Apex Legends Bug On Olympus Map Makes Amazing Players Invincible

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One Apex Legends player stumbles into a glitched area of the Olympus map that apparently allows players to become invincible if crouched or downed.

Apex Legends Bug

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Despite Apex Legends being in the midst of its Season 8 content at the moment, it seems as if the fast-paced battle royale is more popular than ever. In fact, Game Legends set a new player record on Steam recently, reaching almost 200,000 players on at a single time on that platform alone.

However, having more players engaging with the game than ever before can bring a slew of both positive and negative effects, such as more opportunities for glitches and exploits to rise to the surface. Now, it seems that one Game Legends player has stumbled onto an exploit in the Olympus map which allows players to become invincible when downed or crouching.

The exploit

The exploit in question was posted on the Game Legends subreddit by a user going by the name Mayor-of-Apex, who claimed that their friend inxrfrii discovered the glitch during the course of a match. The video attached in the post shows players landing in Estates, one of the many common hot drops on the Olympus map. It appears as though inxrfrii landed at Estates and immediately got into a firefight, getting downed in the process. As inxrfrii was crawling away from combat, they moved into an area with a potted plant on a balcony and subsequently got shielded from incoming damage.

This is evident in the clip, which shows an enemy player repeatedly punching inxrfrii point-blank and doing no damage with melee attacks that should clearly connect. Additionally, it appears that the enemy also briefly tried shooting inxrfrii while inside the potted plant, which also did no damage. As with many popular multiplayer titles with constant updates, glitches often get discovered by the player base and are subsequently patched out in future updates. Another newly discovered Game Legends glitch sees players turning invisible, and while this glitch doesn’t give players invincibility, it does make it much easier to avoid damage similar to this new glitch on Olympus.

Invincibility glitch

Apex Legends

Since this invincibility glitch on Olympus is still new to the community, it remains unclear just how much it can be exploited. For example, the video in question does not show if players hidden in the potted plant can shoot out at enemy players while remaining immune to incoming damage. If that were the case, this glitch could potentially cause a lot more problems for players getting into firefights in Estates. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first Olympus-oriented glitch that can cause players a lot of frustration, as a somewhat recent glitch on Olympus caused instant death in another popular hot drop location.

Hopefully, the Game Legends community shows enough restraint not to exploit this glitch during matches until it gets patched out. Though, it may be some time before Respawn manages to remove the glitch. Despite the fact that Game Legends’ Chaos Theory collection event is coming to the game tomorrow, it’s very likely that Respawn won’t be able to patch out the glitch in that update since it was just recently discovered. With any luck, a fix for this invincibility glitch will come sooner rather than later.

Apex Legends is available now for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will come to Switch on March 9.

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