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As Batman and Snake Eyes try to escape the Fortnite Universe that they’ve been unwittingly drawn into, they will finally duke it out.

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When news broke last month about the upcoming Batman/Game: Zero Point miniseries, fans were left wondering which characters they would see both on paper and in Fortnite. Now, as per the solicitations revealed by DC Comics, G.I Joe’s fan-favorite commando, Snake Eyes, is slated to appear in the third issue.

The Batman/Game: Zero Point miniseries, set to release on April 20th, will focus on the Zero Point storyline that was first introduced to Game in Season 5. In an effort to protect the Zero Point portal, Agent Jonesy enlisted a who’s who of pop culture characters, by bringing them into the Game world. Since then, the portals that popped up around the map have introduced a plethora of new faces to The Island running the gamut of characters from Tron to even Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

A brief synopsis coupled with the third issue solicitations confirms that Batman will be battling it out with Snake Eyes. As they both try to escape the Game universe that they were unwittingly brought into, the two will finally meet in combat. To throw another wrench into the works, none other than Harley Quinn, who already has one Game skin to her name, is also set to appear in the third issue. This miniseries seems poised to answer a long-standing argument between fans about who would win in a battle between the Caped Crusader and Snake Eyes.

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Also, eager fans who have been closely following the developments surrounding Batman/Game: Zero Point will remember that each issue in the miniseries will contain codes redeemable for in-game rewards. While DC has been relatively tight-lipped on details, they confirmed that the rewards will include a new Rebirth Harley Quinn skin with the first issue, and an exclusive Armored Batman Zero Outfit for those that collect the entire miniseries. While this marks the second time players have seen Batman skins in the Game , fans will undoubtedly make the connection that the reveal about Snake Eyes appearing in the third issue could hint at a possible skin.

Although some players feel that the recent Zero Point portals oversaturated the game with pop culture skins, it will still be hard to pass up a chance to read a fight between Snake Eyes and Batman on paper. While it is far from a sure thing, it seems likely that DC Comics and Fortnite will want players to be able to experience the epic clash of these two in-game alongside the issue’s release. Whether fans get a Snake Eyes skin or not, they’ll at least get an answer to one of the greatest fantasy match-ups of all time.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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