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The Medium Update 1.2 Exclusive is Live on PC and Xbox

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Bloober Team releases patch notes for The Medium’s 1.2 update, which provides fixes for some of the game’s lingering technical issues.

The Medium Update 1.2

The Medium
The Medium

One of the first big games of 2021 was Bloober Team’s The Medium. Its status as one of the first Xbox Series X console exclusive games certainly gave it a signal boost, as did its availability through the Xbox Game Pass program. Bloober Team has continued to support The Game since it launched the game this past January, releasing a brand new update just recently that is now live for PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S players.

The new 1.2 update for The Game doesn’t add any significant new content to the game, but it does address some lingering issues and gives those on PC some extra options that they didn’t have before. Bloober Team doesn’t go into specifics as to what exactly the new Game update fixes, but it did say that it does make some “minor” bug fixes and improves the game’s performance. The new update for The Game is said to make some accessibility improvements as well, but again, Bloober Team was vague about what those improvements exactly are.

The latest update for The Game also fixes an issue with full screen resolution with multimonitor setups, as well as an issue that cropped up when switching audio devices. All things considered, this new update for The Game isn’t making any substantial changes to the game, but it should continue polishing it to ensure that it is a superior experience when compared to the original release from January.

The Medium
The Medium

The PC version of The Game

Meanwhile, those playing the PC version of The Game will notice some extra changes with update 1.2. After downloading The Game 1.2 update, those on PC will find options to display the game in Ultra Wide (21: 9) and Super Ultra Wide (32: 9). The developers noted that this was added by fan request, and while it was tricky to implement due to The Game‘s fixed camera angles, it is “thrilled” with the results.

While fans will likely be appreciative of these fixes, others may be hoping for The Game to release new story content. Bloober Team has not made any indication that it plans on releasing new story DLC for The Game, but it would be strange if the story didn’t continue in some capacity. The Game’s ending leaves the door wide open for a sequel, so perhaps Bloober Team will go that route to continue the story.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Bloober Team is making a Silent Hill game next, though those rumors have not been confirmed in any official capacity. Fans of Bloober Team’s work will just have to wait for more information.

Here are the full patch notes for The Game update 1.2:

  • Minor gameplay bugfixes
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Fixed issues with fullscreen resolution changes in multimonitor scenarios
  • Fixed issues with audio device changes

The Medium is out now for PC and Xbox Series X.

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