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Apex Legends Leaks New ‘War Games’ Event

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Though Apex Legends’ latest event is currently ongoing, it seems the battle royale’s next ‘War Games’ event has already leaked ahead of time.

Apex Legends Leaks

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Apex Legends is currently in the midst of a brand new collection event that focuses around the game’s toxic trapper, Caustic. Game Legends’ Chaos Theory collection event sees King’s Canyon’s Water Treatment location transformed into a massive facility producing Caustic’s green, toxic gas, which makes for a very interesting drop location.

However, despite Game Legends currently in the midst of a brand new collection event, it seems that the battle royale’s next event may have just leaked ahead of time. Game Legends leakers and dataminers have found new assets such as prize trackers and event details that give hints of what this leaked “War Games” event could be bring to the game.

The leaks come by way of two prominent Game Legends leakers on Twitter, being @SomeoneWhoLeaks and @shrugtal. Shrugtal posted a datamined image of the “War Games” prize tracker, which gives a short blurb hinting at what the lore surrounding the event will be. According to the prize tracker blurb, it seems that Mad Maggie, someone closely tied to Season 8’s newest Legend Fuse, will be modifying the Apex Games yet again with the hopes to finish things off once and for all. If the leaked prize tracker is indeed accurate, then this “War Games” event will work very similarly to other Apex Legends events, like the ongoing Chaos Theory event.

Shrutgal also gave fans an idea of what prizes they can expect to earn from the event, including 5 Battle Pass levels, 2 Weapon charms, an Epic Rampart skin, an Epic 30-30 repeater skin, a Rare Crypto skin, and unique Caustic trackers. Additionally, Some one Who Leaks has detailed what game modifiers players can expect in the “War Games” event, and they seem similar to the ongoing Chaos Theory ring flare event. Apparently, the overall time for the ring to close is shortened, and ring flares will spawn in batches over the course of a match. Additionally, Legends will start with a predetermined loadout similar to the Locked and Loaded playlist recently featured in the Anniversary event.

The “War Game” event

However, that’s not all the in-game modifiers the “War Game” event will add to matches. Allegedly, shields will regenerate if players have not taken damage for a period of time, player banners will automatically be retrieved upon death, and each legend will respawn above the position they died once per match. Of course, these details are all unconfirmed and as such should be treated as speculation until officially confirmed. However, if these details prove to be true this could be an Game Legends event unlike any other before it.

Game Legends has been getting a ton of new content as of late, making Season 8 one of the busiest seasons yet. Alongside updates adding nerfs, buffs, brand new items, Season 8 has added a brand new Legend, a new weapon, and a remixed map. Additionally, Game Legends just got released on Nintendo Switch, adding another way for the game’s ever-growing player base to expand. Hopefully, this leaked “War Games” event turns out to be real, as it could really shake up the battle royale going forward.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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