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Famed soccer player Neymar appears to be teasing something to do with Fortnite and it seems most likely a skin based on the player is coming.


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Fortnite Season 6 is on the horizon and Epic Games has officially started teasing what players can expect. While some users are expecting some form of DC Comics superheroes and other crazy combatants, it looks like at least one premiere athlete is going to be added

Over the weekend, the Game teases came fast and furiously. One of those teases from the game’s official accounts seems to be hinting that Brazilian soccer star Neymar is coming. It appears there will be a number of different skins based on the talented athlete, as long as the back and forth between the player and the account on social media can be believed.

The hints started in a short video posted of Jonesy talking about what’s coming in Season 6 of this Game. Alongside audio of the well-known in-game character are several images that flash across the screen. A closer look at the flash of images shows an athletic jersey sporting the number 10 and a soccer ball. There’s also a glaring eyeball that appears to be quite a bit less ominous than it first appeared.




Fans quickly compared the images to pictures closely associated with Neymar and his Brazilian soccer team. They found the jersey looked quite a bit like his. The angry stare was apparently also tied to the team in the form of its mascot. Once the dissection of the images was complete, many in the community posited Neymar skins will be part of Season 6 of this Game.

The hints didn’t stop with that teaser video either. On Saturday, the Game Brazil Twitter account briefly changed its profile photo. The image showed the game’s signature Llama, though with a twist, as it sported a mohawk akin to the one that Neymar used to have.

The soccer star

The soccer star got into the action as well, tweeting out the eyes emoji at the teaser post from the main Game Twitter account. That account tweeted back at him a short gif saying “shh,” further convincing those in the community that something was indeed planned for a crossover. Should the official reveal for some kind of Neymar skins coming at the beginning of Season 6 of this Game, his fans won’t have to wait long. Epic previously announced the new season is going to kick off on March 16. The new season is going to include a solo player adventure starring Agent Jones that should shed some light on just what the game has planned.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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