Here are 15 games from the last 15 years that garnered huge hype and excitement pre-release but ultimately failed to deliver on those expectations.

Tthe way the games are, just like the others, the same parts of the game are great while others are not. That is, many games over the years have generated a lot of excitement and anticipation but have failed to deliver on what was promised. In that sense, these are 15 of the most frustrating games from the last 15 years.

Lair (2007)

The PlayStation 3’s Six -Axis controller may not be more ergonomic compared to its rival Xbox 360 controller, but it’s certainly compelling – it plays a complete set of commands. Factor 5’s dragon warfare game Lair was made using action order, and a huge budget and marketing combined to create a great show and yes, purpose for the game. After a year late, Lair will be released later in 2007 – in the middle of adoption. Reviews at the time criticized the game as disruptive and misunderstood in many ways, and the game quickly became one of the biggest disappointments of the game. year.

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