GTA Online Will Feature Double Cash Rewards On Select Heists During The Month of November

Rockstar has recently revealed that players of his are extremely popular GTA Online can expect to receive double cash prizes for the game’s original five heists throughout November. As revealed in official blog post on the Rockstar website, the original heists include The Fleeca Job, Prison Break, Humane Labs Raid, Fund A Funding, and The Pacific Standard Job.

Plus, a whole host of new content is coming into the game this month. Players can now use go-karts in the creator of the game’s custom races. Motor Wars also returns this time around, and pays handsome prizes in the form of double GTA $ and RP. Players will also get 2x GTA $ on Auto Shop client jobs and Exotic Exports. All players are also getting the Karin Tee for free this week.

GTA Online has been a huge success for Rockstar, and the developer has been just as consistent with its content updates. Auto Theft Grand 5 has sold over 150 million copies, and will probably sell much more when the updated current-gen version launches next year.

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