Forza Horizon 5 Guide – How to Enter the Hall of Fame and Unlock Fast Travel

There’s a lot to do in it Horizon Forza 5, whether you’re just exploring Mexico, grinding boards for more XP, collecting cars or racing. But the main de facto goal of the campaign is to reach the Hall of Fame. It’s not too difficult – you basically have to earn 200,000 Reward Points.

However, there is no set path for gaining Award Points. You could take part in races and rack them up, play online, find landmarks, complete Speed ​​Traps and Danger Signs, complete different story chapters and so on. Prizes can be won from just about anything and everything. Check the Rewards menu periodically to check your progress on them.

As you play the campaign, new events will be unlocked which, when completed, will open new outlets for the Festival. Once all the email options are unlocked and you have the required Reward Points, you will be invited to the Hall of Fame. Travel to Horizon Festival HQ to do just that and you’re in it. It also unlocks a new set of Rewards, providing some nice post-game content in addition to, well, everything else in the game.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

As fun as it can be to explore this huge world, sometimes you just want to travel fast to places fast. Forza 5’s horizon fast travel is a bit strange though – it needs to be unlocked. The first step in this process is to collect enough Reward Points to unlock more Horizon Adventure Tickets. Pick up the Horizon Street Scene Ticket and proceed to complete events there until the Guanajuato Expedition is unlocked.

Upon completion of the Expedition, the Buenas Vistas house (located near Dunas Blancas) becomes available for purchase for two million Credits. If you’re having trouble earning the Credits, then get involved in more races, unlock more Wheelspins (which gives Credits as a random payment), sell cars at the Auction House and more.

After buying the house, you receive the fast travel, thus unlocking fast travel anywhere on the map. There is a cost involved but destroying Fast Travel Bonus Boards will reduce it by 200 Credits each. Destroy all of them and Fast Travel is free.

For more details on Gorwel Forza 5, check out our review here. It is currently available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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