The UK’s regulatory body has released a statement where it believes that the merger won’t harm competition in the gaming console market.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has released its temporary research in his analysis of Microsoft’s attempt to acquire Activision Blizzard. The regulator has said that the data obtained show that the acquisition will not reduce competition in the console game market.

The CMA first examined the acquisition under the concept of making Call of duty exclusive to Xbox platforms will be a great way for Microsoft to make money and destroy competition in the console game market. In his latest statement, the director said the new data “shows that this strategy will be a complete loss-making under any reasonable scenario”.

The CMA has also announced that it is only a temporary investigation, and that its investigation will continue until April.

“Interim investigations are an important part of the integration process and are clearly defined to give the businesses involved, and any other interested parties, the opportunity to respond with new evidence before make a final decision,” said the chairman of the panel conducting the investigation. , Martin Coleman.

“After considering the additional evidence provided, we are of the provisional opinion that the merger will not result in a significant reduction of competition in game services due to the cost to Microsoft of restraint.” Call of duty from the PlayStation will be more than any income from doing such activities.

“Our provisional view is that this transaction raises concerns in the cloud gaming market and is not affected by today’s announcement. Our investigation is still pending for completion at the end of April.

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard released statements to celebrate the CMA’s announcement. Talk to CNBCA Microsoft spokesperson said, “We appreciate the CMA’s thorough examination of the evidence and welcome its findings.”

“This deal will give more players more options in how they play Call of duty and their favorite sports. We look forward to working with the CMA to address any serious concerns.

A spokesperson for Activision Blizzard said that the CMA’s announcement means that the regulatory authority is now showing an “improved understanding of the console games market”.

“Sony’s attempt to protect its monopoly by preventing our merger cannot defeat the facts, and Microsoft has already provided effective and compelling solutions to address each of the CMA’s concerns,” said an Activision Blizzard spokesperson. “We know this deal will benefit competition, innovation, and consumers in the UK.”

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