Final Fantasy 16 Might be a Current-Gen Exclusive, but You’ll Still be Squeezing Through Gaps

Square Enix has started sharing short gameplay clips for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 16 via the game’s official Twitter page, after recently offering a glimpse of how Clive and his wolf companion Torgal will work together in combat.

Another clip was recently shared, showing how Torgal will also be able to guide Clive in exploration with the press of a button. And while that’s largely the focus of the clip, it also shows Clive squeezing through a gap between two walls to get to the next area – which, for those unaware, is a trick that games use often to hide loading times, as they load in the next area while the character squeezes through a gap.

Why is that significant? Well, it isn’t also significant, to tell the truth, but considering that fact Final Fantasy 16 being developed with the PS5’s hardware in mind, the expectation was that such technical wizardry would not be required, given the console’s capabilities.

There’s still a pretty good chance of that Final Fantasy 16 It will eventually make its way over to PC as well, so it’s no surprise that the development team has made such future-proofing concessions to ensure that the game can run smoothly on lower PCs.

Final Fantasy 16 launches for PS5 on June 22.

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