While PS Plus Essential subscribers will see one refresh per month for new PS4 and PS5 titles, Extra and Premium will have two.

Contrary to recent reports, developer Ska Studios says Sony did not enforce Salt and Sacrifice’s higher price on the Epic Games Store. s

Ubisoft+ Classics, bundled with PlayStation Plus’ higher tiers, will launch with 27 games and will grow to 50 titles by the end of 2022.

Mediatonic says a stage builder is “under construction” for Fall Guys, though there’s no word on when the feature will launch.

“Multiple” Silent Hill projects are reportedly in development, including a new mainline entry and side “stories” as per insider NateTheHate.

These are the best leading men and ladies you’ll find in video games.

Developer Rebellion has provided details on Sniper Elite 5’s target resolutions and frame rates on previous- and current-gen consoles.

Those who’ve purchased digital versions of PS One and PSP titles can download and play the same on PS4 and PS5 at no extra cost.

A recent survey out to a select group of players asks players regarding potential improvements such as persistent servicers and spatial editor.

The acquisitions race continues to heat up… what’s the next big move going to be?

The ideas are better than the execution in this Lovecraftian roguelite.

An underwhelming Hawkmoon roll, decent Dead Man’s Tale, Kairos Legendary armor set and regular Exotics adorn this week’s selection.