The newest Saints Row title is getting mixed reactions from critics, but there’s significant backlash from some players. Find out why here.

Dead Island 2 will allow players to distract zombies by yelling at them by using Amazon’s new Alexa Game Control feature.

Striking Distance Studios founder Glen Schofield has revealed a few details about The Callisto Protocol’s weapons upgrade system.

Exact details on the nature of this quest are unknown, though Avalanche’s community manager clarifies it won’t be tied to pre-orders.

Developed by Mojang and Blackbird Interactive, the action strategy title sees players uniting the Overworld to battle invading piglins.

Electrocute, burn, and freeze enemies with a variety of abilities and smash them to pieces in Mundfish’s upcoming FPS/RPG.

Attendees who play the demo will receive a clear file set for the game along with Resident Evil 4 (while supplies last, of course).

Twisted new Xenomorphs, three new weapons, cosmetics, and much more await players when the expansion launches on August 30th.

KeokeN Interactive’s sci-fi adventure title will see players traveling to Mars to retrieve vessels known as ARKs in order to save a dying Earth.

The finale to Supermassive’s first season of horror stories will release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

The remake is in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and is due out sometime later this year.

The update is available to download at 11 PM PDT today and adds new cars like the McLaren MP4/4 ’88, Pontiac GTO ‘The Judge’ ’69, and much more.