Learn more about the zombie-slaying action RPG, from the use of elements and weapon customization to various ability cards.

The action RPG also has an Expansion Pass, though its exact contents are unknown. Pre-orders also net the Memories of Banoi pack.

Dead Island 2’s world will be divided into several smaller districts that will get unlocked as players progress through the story.

Quantic Dream has announced its next major cinematic narrative adventure. Dubbed Under the Waves, the game takes place completely underwater.

Two new Einherjars are revealed along with new weapons and Divine Arts, special abilities that Valkyrie can unleash on foes.

The next big expansion sees the Guardians taking on The Witness, Calus and the Shadow Legion. Legendary Mode also returns for the campaign.

Eramis is back and gathering dark relics. Assemble a crew and assault her pirate ships, and then search for treasure in new activities.

The Hive Dreadnaught returns along with Oryx, the Taken King, as the classic Destiny raid is available for all players later this week.

Atlus’ dungeon-crawling RPG launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC later this week.

Watch protagonist Jacob battle numerous Biophages and get crushed by a large fan en route to the game’s release on December 2nd.

Techland has unveiled the first paid expansion for its open world action RPG. Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties launches in October.

The Soulslike action RPG received a new gameplay trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live, showcasing combat, enemies, and much more.