Two new forms, Killer Bee and Mechanic, are coming along with a new challenge-filled area, The Tempering, to all platforms for $4.99.

The Japanese company joins Microsoft in assuring that it won’t be raising hardware prices. This follows regional price increases by Sony for the PS5.

Details on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Title Update 2 and Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection’s features are also coming.

Check out 13 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming 3D platformer SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake.

Nintendo sheds the spotlight on the foundations of Splatoon as we approach the imminent launch of Splatoon 3 for Switch.

The Monster Hunter Frontier subspecies joins the roster next month along with “several” rare species and “powered-up” monsters.

Rain Games and Modus Games have announced a sequel to Teslagrad. Aptly titled Teslagrad 2, it will feature a new protagonist.

Check out gameplay from a full match between Kenny Omega and Adam Cole from upcoming pro-wrestling game AEW: Fight Forever.

The strategy RPG, a spiritual successor to Suikoden from the original creators, is out in 2023 for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Pre-orders for the title begin on August 25th. The Digital Deluxe Edition has also been revealed, and includes cosmetics and 72 hours of early access.

Sonic Team’s “open-zone” platformer will release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this Autumn.

Pre-ordering the game will get you access to free horse armour, that’ll do absolutely nothing other than sit in your inventory.