Wiggler and Shy Guy are added as playable characters, while the game also gets two new golf courses and modes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has added a total of 12 Battlefield 2042 themed sticker capsules of varying rarity to celebrate the EA shooter’s launch.

The Luigi Cup has also been added to the Grand Prix with two new Environments, three new Gate Types and more to unlock.

The game’s Xbox Series S version has also added support for uncapped frame rates, while the base PS4 version sees performance improvements.

EA’s Skate 2 was just recently added to Xbox’s backward compatibility program, although servers for the game will still shut down in a couple of weeks,

Several new cutscenes are also being added, including an opening cutscene and one that you’ll see after beating the Elite 4.

New customization options have been added along with free and paid cosmetic options, Achievements and much more.

Newly added Trophies might have spilled the beans on an upcoming piece of content for Ubisoft’s open world action RPG.

The likes of Wave Race, Super Smash Bros. and many more could be added to the service’s catalog in the coming months.

BattleMode 2.0 is also live with the Dread Knight added as a new playable demon, streak-based matchmaking, and the new Stronghold map.

New Kingdom Hearts Spirits like Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Roxas, Ventus and more have also been added along with a few new Mii costumes.

Auto saving has been added in, but can be turned off. Meanwhile, various other smaller details on the upcoming remakes have also emerged.