Several new developments are pointing to a Nintendo Switch and PS4 launch for Atlus’ acclaimed RPG, Persona 4 Golden.

A prominent leaker claims that Atlus is working on a multiplatform remaster of Persona 3 Portable, which originally launched for the PSP over a decade ago.

Atlus Looks Set to Bring Another Game to PC

The newest patch for Atlus’ RPG is bringing the option to change the in-game field of view during exploration segments.

While a specific date for when this patch will go live hasn’t yet been provided, Atlus has released notes for what to expect from it.

Atlus’ long-awaited RPG recently launched exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, but it seems like PC and PS4 versions are also planned.

Japanese outlet Famitsu has reviewed Atlus’ upcoming RPG, and praises the game highly for its combat, world design, and more.

Atlus’ beloved role playing franchise is back with another entry- here’s what you should know about it.

Atlus has announced that the next big news update for the upcoming RPG will come next week.

A Sega Atlus stream has been confirmed for October 1. Atlus has previously stated that starting in September, it will begin making a number of Persona-related announcements.

The newest trailer for Atlus’ upcoming RPG reveals new story details, while also showing plenty of new gameplay footage.

Atlus’ upcoming RPG is out for the Switch this November, and a new story trailer gives us a brief look at its high-stakes narrative.