A new trailer focuses on the character of Roland Glenbrook, the honourable prince of the usurped Glenbrook Kingdom.

Like many recent interpretations of the character, it seems this Spider-Man has a younger feel as he teams up with the other characters.

“As long as the character Samus exists, I think her adventure will continue,” says Metroid series producer Yoshio Sakamoto.

Purah and Robbie join the line-up along with another playable character, new story content and stages like the Coliseum and Lanaryu Road.

Apex Legends’ next playable character, Ash, has been revealed in a new story trailer that details her and her backstory.

The timing window for throws has been improved and pretty much every character has seen changes based on the different buffs.

Grounded – Hot and Hazy Update Introduces Character Stats, Weapon Upgrades, and More

Dawson will play a character named Lawan, who is said to be seeking revenge against people who wronged her in the past.

Seven minute gameplay video showcases improvements made to the environments, lighting and Alan Wake’s character model.

The newest 5-star character is focused on healing but can deal exceptional damage as well. Her character banner goes live tomorrow.

The game’s main character seems to be doing his best to warn about enemy invaders, with no one willing to listen.

The classic is out next month and features enhanced character models and environments along with The Signal and The Writer expansions.