A powerhouse that inflicts immense single-target damage, Carol Danvers is also capable of countering and KOing enemies with ease.

Other improvements like refined throttle application response time, Front Wing damage affecting handling, and more were also added.

Master Rank is a big step up from the base game in monster damage and health. Here’s how to survive the initial encounters.

Use D.U.M.A. in battles to knock back enemies, Blindside them for extra damage or unleash a surprise attack for additional bonuses.

Serenade receives a new exclusive Legendary Affix, Barbed Tips has had its initial damage increased, and much more in the latest patch.

On the bright side, Back Damage, Super Crit and Super Back Damage affixes have been buffed along with the Hand Hook, Rampart, and Gilded Yumi.

Customize enemy health and damage, toggle multiple (or infinite) lives, adjust controls and font size, and much more in the rogue-lite.

Though there will be some light damage mechanics involved, Infinity Ward confirms destruction won’t be implemented in the shooter’s multiplayer department.

Instead of taking damage with every action while afflicted, Bleed will now build up and cause one instance of extra damage on the next hit.

Inflict severing damage with the Bow, unleash tons of damage with the Gunlance’s Bullet Barrage, or do…stuff with the Charge Blade.

The Angle Shooter is a new sub-weapon that will mark enemies with its rebound shots and allow players to pin them down for further damage.

Doomfist gains the ability to block damage and empower his next Rocket Punch while Orisa has several new abilities focused on javelins.