“Multiple” Silent Hill projects are reportedly in development, including a new mainline entry and side “stories” as per insider NateTheHate.

Ubisoft’s upcoming free-to-play titles will also “benefit” the company and are in the “final stages of development” with tests currently ongoing.

Forza Horizon 6 is Seemingly in Development, According to Job Listing

“We are currently undergoing a technical investigation into development for a Switch version of the game,” says developer Rabbit and Bear.

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Yuji Naka reveals Balan Wonderworld’s development issues and his conflict with Square Enix in an explosive series of tweets.

Epic Games’ next-gen game development engine has been in early access for some time, and has now launched in full.

“In order to make this game’s experience something special, the entire development team is continuing to work diligently on the game,” says series producer Eiji Aonuma.

Known insider Tom Henderson claims Ubisoft has a second Prince of Persia game in the works, and that the Sands of Time remake is still very much in active development.

In development for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch, the survival tactical RPG series has seen its fair share of delays over the years.

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