In spite of its rocky launch and the resulting backlash against it, DICE says its newest shooter already has “millions” of players.

Fawzi Mesmar explained that he has “been made an offer [he] couldn’t refuse at another company”, and is leaving DICE at the end of the week.

However, as an “unintended consequence”, all other throwables are being displayed incorrectly. DICE insists this is only a visual bug though.

It’s coming after launch, though DICE has yet to specify when exactly that will be. The official launch is currently set for November 19th.

DICE confirms that the upcoming shooter’s first post-launch season won’t officially begin until at least a couple of months after the game’s launch.

A recent update from EA and DICE has reassured players that several features absent from the game’s beta will be available at launch.

DICE also says that the game’s beta is based on an older build of the game and lacks many improvements made since then.

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