Rey Mysterio is apparently the cover star for this year’s game, while the Deluxe Edition will include an early access bonus, among other things.

The superhero co-op game will be getting a new update this week, which was confirmed by a Crystal Dynamics PR Twitch account.

The 1999 NeoGeo Pocket Color crossover card fighting game called SNK VS. Capcom: Card FIghters Clash is available now to purchase exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

BioShock Creator’s Next Game Will be Announced Closer to Launch

Dying Light 2 developer Techland has confirmed on Twitter that the game will be receiving post-launch DLC support for at least 5 years.

The world famous track is one of a reported 90 that will be in the final game when it launches on March 4th for PS4 and PS5.

Previous rumours have suggested that a new mainline game in the RPG series is in the works- though it might not be out until next year.

All three Hitman titles will be available in one collection for current and previous-gen consoles along with Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

This may point to backwards compatibility for PS One, PS2 and PS3 titles on current hardware, and perhaps tie into Sony’s rumored Game Pass competitor.

Matt Southern, who’s worked on the likes of DriveClub, MotorStorm, and Destruction AllStars, has joined Firesprite as a game director.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ newest trailer promises a Pokemon experience unlike any other. The game is out later this month.

A new leak claims that another AAA game is in the works at Quantic Dream’s Paris studio, based on 2013’s The Dark Sorcerer tech demo.