Rockstar has released official comparison videos to showcase how the three remasters have improved over the original from a visuals perspective.

The opening title sequence can now be skipped, performance has been improved and enemy respawn rate is improved around some areas.

The timing window for throws has been improved and pretty much every character has seen changes based on the different buffs.

Guerrilla Games has leveraged the PS5 for denser polygons on characters, more skeletal joins for improved facial expressions and more.

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Along with a higher resolution and frame rate, the remasters show improved textures, greater draw distance and more details on PS5.

Creating a club in Career Mode, improved progression in Player Career, some significant overhauls in Ultimate Team, and more are detailed.

The remaster of the 2011 Wii U title is currently out for the Nintendo Switch. It offers improved visuals and numerous quality of life features.

Rebellion’s 2017 third person shooter receives 4K resolution and 60 FPS support with improved loading times on current-gen consoles.

As exciting as it is to be getting an expanded and improved version of the game, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’s pricing is more than a little disappointing.

The new remaster sees a lot of improvements from the original, including a remixed soundtrack, improved resolution, and more.

Mark Tucker talks about the game’s updates after one of the most troubled launches in history, how the game has improved, and winning fans back.