Halo Infinite Campaign Showcase “Coming Soon,” Insider Says

A known Nintendo insider claims that what had started life as a 4K variant of the Switch has been repurposed as a full-fledged successor.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 May Be Showcased At The Game Awards, Another Insider Claims – Rumor

How far into development it changed into a more “traditional” Battlefield is unknown, according to insider Tom Henderson

Known insider NateDrake claims the rumoured Metroid Prime 1 remaster has been in the works for several years at this point.

A datamine and subsequent comments by an insider seem to have lifted the lid on the next entry in Ubisoft’s open world racing series.

Prominent industry insider Jeff Grubb claims that the PS4 exclusive WiLD is cancelled and all production on the game has been stopped.

GTA Remastered Trilogy Releasing “Sometime in 2022” – Insider

Insider Tom Henderson says it’s “probably one of the best-looking games on current-gen consoles” and admires the overall crispness.

Sledgehammer Games’ next big Call of Duty could have its full-blown reveal in just a few days, as per insider Tom Henderson.

Insider Tom Henderson also indicates that an alpha is coming soon and that dynamic weather will play a role in some fashion.

Insider Lance McDonald says he is aware of several PlayStation exclusives that are getting PC ports, but FromSoftware’s beloved action RPG is allegedly not one of them.