Vanguard owners will receive 24 hour early access to the new Caldera map in Warzone, allowing them to start playing on December 8th.

From the Guiding Light to a proper world map and events, FromSoftware’s next action RPG looks to be its biggest game yet.

An Activision executive decided to give a little taste of what the map will look like on his official Twitter.

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BattleMode 2.0 is also live with the Dread Knight added as a new playable demon, streak-based matchmaking, and the new Stronghold map.

The newest map offers its share of things to see, from hostile wildlife to vehicles. It arrives on November 2nd with the new season.

Apex Legends’ latest trailer showcases a new Island map releasing with Escape next month, and Respawn claims it’s the biggest one to be featured in the game to date.

Play through a new Arenas map with “Encore”, earn event-limited cosmetics for various Legends, or partake in Shadow Royale later this month.

Set in Italy, the Free-for-All map features winding stairwells, extensive streets, a secret Talon den and much more to discover.

Sucker Punch confirms it’s going to add another new map called Blood and Steel to the co-op multiplayer experience.

Splitgate Developer is Considering Adding Map Editor and Single Player Campaign