PlayStation players can try out the new Champion Hill mode, a round-robin tournament, along with four Operators and 10 attachments.

Halo Infinite Will Have Photo Mode, Custom Game Browser – Rumor

A World War 2 campaign, 20 multiplayer maps at launch, a new Zombies mode developed by Treyarch, and more have been confirmed.

In Graphics Mode, the PS5 version averages about 15 FPS slower than the Xbox Series X with combat resulting in the most significant drops.

Some Among Us devs seem to be offended with Fortnite’s latest Impostors mode, and took to Twitter to express their stance on the matter.

An Among Us styled mode, called Fortnite Imposter has been added to the game and interested fans on all platforms should check it out.

Though The Last of Us Part 2 did not have a Factions mode, Naughty Dog is currently working on a standalone multiplayer project.

Creating a club in Career Mode, improved progression in Player Career, some significant overhauls in Ultimate Team, and more are detailed.

Psychonauts 2 devs talk about the Thought Tuner, which allows you to read thoughts, and the Otto-Shot Camera, which functions as a photo mode.

Halo Infinite’s Battle Royale Mode is “Heavily Connected” to Campaign – Rumor

The expansion adds new missions, enemies and bosses while the free Lightbringer update offers a new mode and Cursed loot to earn.

Dying Light 2 lead level designer Piotr Pawlaczyk details the various technical improvements you can expect to see in the game’s Quality Mode.