The co-op action RPG’s remastered version will support up to 4K resolutions, multiple difficulty levels, and will also be optimized for the Steam Deck.

The showcase will feature updates and announcements on “multiple games and projects” from Ubisoft teams across the world.

Multiple sources claim a gameplay reveal for the much-anticipated turn-based strategy title is set for a couple of days from now.

Customize enemy health and damage, toggle multiple (or infinite) lives, adjust controls and font size, and much more in the rogue-lite.

New cosmetics include Weapon Charms, Banner and new Mythic skins. PvE is also slated for 2023 while multiple new heroes are in the works.

New leak from multiple sources claims that Nintendo has a new Direct presentation planned for either June 28 or June 29.

Shortly after delisting the game across multiple retailer sites, Ubisoft has confirmed the delay via an official statement.

The $20 DLC features six aircraft from the film with multiple skins, three emblems, two logos, 12 new nicknames and more.

God of War Ragnarok is scheduled for a 2022 launch, and its developers have reiterated multiple times that it won’t be delayed.

“Multiple” Silent Hill projects are reportedly in development, including a new mainline entry and side “stories” as per insider NateTheHate.

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb has heard from “multiple people” about a potential showcase next month but couldn’t confirm the same.

PlayStation is Investing Another $300 Million in First Party Games That Will Launch on “Multiple Platforms”