The Riftbreaker Post-Launch Roadmap Includes Modding, New Biomes, and Online Multiplayer

A group of fans by the name of PSONE has been working to bring back online functionality to PS3’s games by emulating official servers.

Grand Theft Auto Online will feature double GTA$ and RP rewards during the week on completion of Casino specific content, alongside some other stuff.

The open beta runs from November 19th to 22nd for PS4 and PS5, and features 8 characters, Online Casual Matches, Room Matches and more.

Traverse across multiple regions to hunt down key bosses. Extract their materials to craft new weapons and armor, and then test them out online.

GTA Online Will Feature Double Cash Rewards On Select Heists During The Month of November

Nintendo also pledges to keep increasing the value of both existing variants of its online subscription service.

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members, the controls will mimic the original N64 release but without matching in-game button displays.

Supertrick Games and GungHo Online Entertainment have announced a new melee-focused PvP survival game, due out next year.

Players of Super Mario 64 via Switch Online in the Japan get the Shindou version, which comes with support for the Rumble Pak.

Even with the recent addition of N64 and Genesis games to the Nintendo Switch Online library, some claim that the rumoured Game Boy additions are still part of the plan.

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