Director Eric Williams says that giving players more defensive options is another way the upcoming sequel will allow for more player choice and freedom in combat and progression.

Creator Kazunori Yamauchi also offered some new details on GT Cafe, including the ability to showcase one’s collection of cars to other players.

The Demographics of Video Game Players

Players will enter dedicated arenas for random encounters in the overworld. There are also side maps akin to “whole separate modules.”

Night School Studio reports that “signals are breaking through” and players are invited to tune in at various locations.

Taking place 100 years after the original, the sequel sees players fighting against the Akatsuchi Empire to free their fellow Aragami.

God of War: Ragnarok will give players a lot more tools to use during combat, and enemies, at the same time, will be more challenging as well.

An upcoming update for Apex Legends will be removing tap-strafing from the game, which is an incredibly popular exploit among advanced players.

Elden Ring Will Have Tutorial Pop-ups That Players Can Reread

Sucker Punch has released another new patch for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, tackling a number of smaller issues being faced by players.

The next major Title Update and Discovery Tour: Viking Age are set to release this Fall with the latter being free for all players.

Far Cry 3 is currently free for everyone on the Ubisoft store, and players interested in the franchise should definitely check it out.