The 10 GB demo offers quests to hunt Great Izuchi, Mizutsune and Magnamalo with no limit on the number of attempts.

Final Fantasy 16 Main Scenario is Complete, Side Quests Nearly Finished – Yoshida

Apex Legends will be adding a new mode called Apex Chronicles, which will feature bite-sized story quests for Legends in the game.

New co-op quests, along with a high difficulty version of Kulve Taroth, will also be added while Dreadking Rathalos arrives on October 7th.

The expansion will introduce new monsters, brand new locales and new story quests with the latest trailer teasing a new dragon.

A new co-op challenge with Kulve Taroth is coming along with Hellblade Glavenus and Boltreaver Astalos in a number of new quests.

Utilize skills and organize troops to overcome foes in combat. Meanwhile, explore the world and make decisions to affect the outcome of quests.

Tribes of Midgard – Seasonal Updates to Add New Classes, Saga Quests and Loot

Along with new event quests and a whole host of bug fixes, Monster Hunter Rise’s newest update also adds new purchasable DLC.

Animation director Dawid Lubryka promises a “deep, thought-provoking” narrative with side quests being an important part of the world-building.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Post-Launch Roadmap Includes New Classes, Region and Quests

Monster Hunter Rise Title Update 2.0 Will Include Kushala Daora and Teostra, New Quests – Rumor