The remakes have collectively become the second-biggest launch for a Switch title to date, surpassing Pokemon Sword and Shield’s launch sales.

The two remakes are collectively the best Switch launch of the year in the UK already, and the second-best launch on all platforms.

The Gen 4 Pokemon remakes are launching for the Nintendo Switch in a couple of days, and a new trailer preps for that imminent release.

Meanwhile, Nintendo also reveals a special new Pokemon Platinum-themed outfit for everyone who pre-orders the upcoming remakes.

The developer of the Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk remakes and Diablo 2: Resurrected might soon be entirely absorbed by Blizzard.

The duo of remakes developed by WayForward was originally due out this December, but has now been pushed back to Spring 2022.

Auto saving has been added in, but can be turned off. Meanwhile, various other smaller details on the upcoming remakes have also emerged.

New gameplay footage gives another look at various aspects of the upcoming duo of remakes, out for the Switch this November.

The studio which developed remakes for Demon’s Souls and Shadow of the Colossus is now officially a first-party studio for Sony.

The Gen 4 remakes recently had their eShop pages updated, with details emerging on how much storage space you’ll need for each of them.

The upcoming pair of remakes seems to be sticking closely to the source material, but is also introducing some interesting new features.

The Nintendo Switch Lite Dialga and Palkia Edition will be launching in early November to go along with the upcoming Pokemon Gen 4 remakes.