Rook serves as a strong support with his armor plates providing damage resistance. Armored allies also get downed instead of knocked out.

Synergies return and once again offer a strong option for min-maxing players. Here’s how they work, recommended Synergies and more.

Meanwhile, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales saw increased sales thanks to strong Nintendo Switch and PS5 sales.

Much like FIFA’s FUT, HUT involves earning Coins, spending them on Card Packs, and creating a strong squad to challenge all-comers.

Metroid Dread sold nearly 87,000 units on debut, and has already become the fourth highest-selling Metroid game in Japan to date. Far Cry 6 also saw a strong debut.

Whether attacking or defending, having a good Playbook with a strong formation will give an edge. Here are a few noteworthy picks.

Axiom Verge 2 delivers a strong, unusual flavor of Metroidvania exploration.

Launched with Season 10: Emergence, the newest Legend is a “bit too strong at the moment” and Respawn will look into adjusting him soon.

As a close-quarters fighter armed with a hammer and shield, Kisara boasts exceptionally strong defense and will guard instead of evading.

Thanks to the strong sales of major recent releases, Capcom has posted the highest profits in its history for the first quarter of a fiscal year.

The latest entry in the spin-off to the popular Monster Hunter series has garnered strong word of mouth via reviews.

Here’s how to capture two strong Monsties for your party along with locating the tricky Shakalakas to craft better gear.