Play as The Drifter, Skul and Juan among other heroes with unique new outfits and weapons. The update is live for PC and coming later to consoles.

Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Showcases “The Conservatory” Mission, New Weapons

Traverse across multiple regions to hunt down key bosses. Extract their materials to craft new weapons and armor, and then test them out online.

This week’s Legendary weapons include the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver, Long Shadow sniper rifle, Wishbringer shotgun and more.

Different upgradeable abilities for weapons, activities, immersive sim elements and much more are showcased for the action RPG.

Hitman 3’s seventh and final season will bring plenty of new content, including a new Escalation, weapons, a new suit, and much more.

Xur is back with a crazy St0mp-EE5 roll, a Black Armory set for Hunters, and a variety of Legendary weapons to go with some other Exotics.

Tales of Arise Guide – Best Weapons and Armor, and How to Get Them

Season Pass includes three missions while all editions receive three days early access and two free bonus weapons on pre-ordering.

Investigate cults of mutants, try out new weapons and armor, and partake in new objective-based fights with inXile’s latest paid DLC.

Players can also unlock Kirito’s weapons, new outfits for three characters and a super-flashy Mystic Arte for Alphen.

Nintendo continues to provide more details on the weapons and stages you’ll find in the upcoming multiplayer shooter.