Xbox Game Pass Subscription Numbers Missed Target Goal For Last Fiscal Year

Just under a year after the closing of his independent studio, Marcus Lehto will team with EA on first person projects.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition Announced, Launches November 18

The standard price is for individual memberships. Family memberships will cost $79.99 per year. Both are in addition to NSO subscription costs.

Developer Hardsuit Labs was taken off the project and the game was indefinitely delayed earlier this year, but Paradox says things could have been a lot worse.

Techland’s Tymon Smektala also discusses the delay to next year and how the additional two months will be used for more polish.

Hitman 3 Drives IO Interactive to its Most Profitable Year Ever

Year 4 seasonal content including Presage and Harbinger also being vaulted though Proving Grounds, Battlegrounds and more will remain.

New multiplayer modes, Live Events with unique rewards, seasonal progression, Showdown Mode and BMX are all coming this year.

Capcom’s action RPG launched for the Nintendo Switch in March earlier this year, and will be coming to PC in January.

The head of Xbox warns that the shortage that still plagues next generation consoles may still be a problem even by next year.

A new Final Fantasy-themed kart racer was announced as coming exclusively next year to Nintendo’s system, with the chocobo at the center.